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Enjoy an authentic Texas meal at our location in San Antonio, Texas.

Hill Country Village – Willie’s

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The Team
Mary Cervantes

Mary Cervantes

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We support local schools and organizations through spirit night fundraisers all year long.

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"George Davis"

"Jennifer Ham"

Hello, Yesterday was my Birthday. I placed a to-go order online for me and my family. Just under $100. I got there at 8:48 and called and did not get my food until 9:06. Then they brought out one glass of a margarita, not the half gallon I purchased, and then we were missing a good portion of the order. I ordered the redfish with such and shrimp and mushroom and got blacked fish nothing else, my son ordered buffalo chicken strips and got nothing. I was missing my bread pudding and did not get it. It was my birthday. 2 of us did not have dinner, no dessert for my birthday. I called spoke to the Mfr. on duty Ty who said I cannot get a refund because it was paid for online and corporate would take 3-4 months to send me a check. He gave me exact credit but I have to come in to use it. No additional offers for the inconvenience that my birthday dinner with my family was ruined. I am also a part of your email program and got nothing for my birthday. Ty said there was nothing he could do and he offered no other solutions other than I HAVE TO COME IN if I want to use my credit that he so generously gave me after I did not receive what I purchased. I am at a loss as to how he is doing anything for me. We do not eat in because we have a newborn baby at the house and we do not WANT TO COME IN to get my money or food for the money I spent and did not receive. I am sure you are aware there is a pandemic and exposing a baby with no immune system is probably an irresponsible action. I would at this point like a little more than just what I spent and now HAVE TO COME TO THE RESTAURANT to get my money's worth. I have loved your restaurant in the past but this make me wonder if we will be back. Ty was not a good representative of our previous experiences at your restaurant. I am not asking for a full refund. I would just like something since dinner was ruined, it was my birthday and he did not even really apologize just said this is all he can do. First, he said it would be a credit of $40 then he said no $37 then he said no closer to $30. I have not totaled it up but I did not get a receipt except what was online all I got was a OLO Curbside ticket attached to the bag.

"Amber S."

Told the hubs I wanted crawfish. Figured with all the cold weather I'd be hard pressed to find it fresh. Didn't want to call ahead and ask because then I'd just not want to go if they said they didn't have it. So we went. Arrived and went in to order. Of course, with my heart broken, I was forced to order the seafood platter. It was not what I went for but you can't really blame acts of GOD on the establishment, so ... The platter was actually really good. Fried just enough and tasty. The baked potato didn't taste like it had been in a warmer all day and was really good as well. Hubs got the big as ur face chicken fried steak and wasn't disappointed either. Our server was very busy. He kept up well tho. Overall good experience for sure.

"Tracey K."

Love this place!! Laid back atmosphere, great food and even better wait staff! Mary the manager is always upbeat and on top of things! Vidal has been waiting on us for years. Never have I once been let down with his service. The kitchen is always fast which makes everything else come together! So happy to be patron for many years!!

"TJ R."

I just went here last week. I didn't expect that any restaurants would be open for dining-in, but it was! Everyone was wearing masks and gloves, and there was a lot of space between all the tables. The nice part of this reduced capacity: it's quiet. I hate going into a place and not being able to chat. The two employees I spoke with were very friendly. I ordered a caesar salad and fried pickles and both were delicious. The salad especially spoke to me: all the dressing was mixed all throughout, not just on top. WIN They had a honey mustard sauce for the pickles too. Had a rum and coke slushy and it was also tasty. :) Basically everything was tasty. :D

"Jessica Werchan W."

Patrick best waiter ever!! Had brisket tacos and loaded fries. Hubby had ribs. $3 margaritas with $1 floater. Social distancing and sanitary protocol. Thank you Willies!!!

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