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Enjoy an authentic Texas meal at our location in Conroe, Texas.

The Woodlands – Willie’s

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Shelley Donaho

Shelley Donaho

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We support local schools and organizations through spirit night fundraisers all year long.

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Customer Reviews


"Michael Clifton"

my meal was 15.14 with tip totaled 18.14, the waitress added another 3.00 to the check which Chase statement shows 21.14. I talked to the manager about this and was told I would get a credit but it never appeared on my cc account with chase.

"Cayla S."

What a delightful experience. My server, Abbi, ensured my Margarita was never empty and that I had everything that I needed to enjoy me meal. Even whilst constantly being on the move and serving other guests she ensured to give me a personalized experience and I'll forever be grateful. I will be back to this location just for her specifically, just wow.

"Keith M."

Just a really good burger! For the life of me, I haven't a clue why they make you stand in a line to talk to, not your server, place your order with said ""order taker #1,"" only to go sit down and wait, yet again, place your order again, to wait, as is the norm before finally having a meal brought to you. Yet, I still come back, always when it's nearly empty. It's a good, nothing fancy burger! My favorite is the Bacon Cheese Willie. Their onion rings are also very good. Tonight, I substituted fries for mixed vegetables. I enjoyed this option.

"Eric L."

1st visit here, great experience. Service was great food came out in a timely manner. It was well staged where salad came out first then once I was finished eating it the food arrived within 5 minutes. Just for the record... By far the BEST BLUE CHEESE DRESSING EVER! It was thick, ridiculously thick, not watered down at all. The salmon was done to perfection, I asked for it medium, it was perfect. I wasn't crazy about the rice, not to say it was bad but just not to my liking. Ashley was my server, she was awesome. She checked on me regularly and even offered a togo tea when I paid. All around a great experience.

"Ellen K."

We had a wonderful take-out lunch from Willie's today. We ordered our favorite, grilled catfish with rice and vegetables. It was ready at the time we requested, was still hot when we arrived home, and boy, was it delicious. Enough lunch for both my husband and me. Thanks again, Willie's!

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